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The Historic Manheim Preservation Foundation logo depicts 18th-century buildings as they appeared in the small colonial town of Manheim, Pennsylvania. 


Shown in the faded background from left to right are the home of General Samuel Peter Heintzelman, the home of Samuel Ensminger, and the home of Richard and Sarah (daughter of Benjamin Franklin) Bache. 


In the center are the 1772 clapboard Lutheran Church and the Rose stipulation as it appears on the original church deed. Henry William Stiegel provided land for this church for the rent of one rose yearly, which continues to this day!


In the foreground, from left to right, Henry William Stiegel's office and the Stiegel Mansion are depicted. They still stand today, though in altered condition.   


To the far right and left are examples of the types of glass manufactured by the Stiegel Glass Factory from 1765 to 1773.

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