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Contact the HMPF at 717-381-1681 or to inquire about making direct donations of items.

Those of you with items of the following historical interest that desire to be preserved and made available for continuing research by the public should consider donating the items to HMPF.

Items we are seeking:

  • Documents, early letters, postcards, and miscellaneous ephemera related to early Manheim.

  • Lancaster County histories, genealogies of Lancaster County families. 

  • Early Americana reference books.

  • Letters and documents connected to the Robert Morris Family and the Richard Bache Family when they occupied homes in Manheim. 

  • 18th-century letters and documents related to Henry William Stiegel.

  • Historical artifacts

  • Manuscripts

  • Photographs

  • Books

  • Art

  • Maps

  • Ephemera

  • Audio/visual recordings 

  • Any 18th and early 18th-century newspaper or other material mentioning Manheim, PA.

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