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This library contains various local historical records, books, periodicals, and a growing digital collection. Our library also includes unique materials focusing on specific subjects that can be accessed by special request.

Ensminger Library

Members of HMPF enjoy the opportunity to perform research using library resources.

Library resources include but are not  limited to the following: Books on Stiegel glass and early Americana, Colonial numismatic items, Genealogies, and  Lancaster County histories, and the Nine volume set of "The Papers of Robert Morris." 

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Miles Keiffer was a student of history and was related to the Ensminger family, who were prominent Manheim citizens and business people starting in the late 1700s. Because of Miles' pride in his Ensminger Family heritage, Elizabeth Keiffer dedicated the library to the memory of miles' ancestors.

The Ensminger Family has provided the community of Manheim with a wonderful legacy.

Miles’ maternal grandmother, Sophia Ensminger, was his tie to the rich history of the Ensminger family, whose history in Manheim dates back to the late 18th century. The Ensminger family included surveyors, druggists, scribes, and printers, all of which served Manheim's small but growing community in many ways.


The early tintype picture shows Sarah Zimmerman Ensminger with five of her six daughters. Sarah, the sixth daughter, was born in 1852 and died in 1856.

Back row, left to right: Caroline Ensminger 1844-1918, Married Cyrus L. Witmyer (mother) Sarah Zimmerman 1818-1899, Married Frederick Ensminger Sophia Ensminger 1840-1932, Married Jefferson Keiffer.


Front row left to right: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ensminger 1857-1952, Married Morris J. Stoner Annie Ensminger 1837-1885 Mary Ensminger 1854-(date unknown).

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America's Historic Towns - Manheim - By April Lynn Downey

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