Below is a partial view of the main exhibit room at the Historic Manheim Preservation
the work of local craftsmen.

Special Exhibits:

The Kieffer Collection of Stiegel type glass containing 30 pieces of colored, enameled and engraved items

18th century sulfur inlaid chest owned by Andreas Bartruff, and early Manheim resident

1851 coverlet by Manheim weaver, John Brosey

1844 coverlet by Manheim weaver, Michael Schwartz

A tall case, 8 day clock made by Christian Eby, the first of three Eby clockmakers in Manheim

A small exhibit of pharmacy items from the local pharmacists, Harry F. Ruhl and the Ensiminger Drug Store

1762 Manheim deed signed by Henry William Stiegel

1769 map of Manheim drawn for Henry William Stiegel and Isaac Cox
Items We Are Seeking:

Period items of metal work, pottery, textiles and wood made by local
craftsmen in the Manheim area

Items related to Henry William Stiegel or the Stiegel Family
Items Acquired:

HMPF recently added the interesting and important items listed below to the museum
collection.  If you click on the items, a picture of each will appear.

1.  Fine condition Geo. Nees, Manheim,
paint dec. child's chair, circa  1880s.     
2.  Early cast iron
Manheim shipping crate branding iron w/ wrought iron handle (late
18th/early19th century).
3.  A group of
wooden blanks by Samuel H. Lehman, in preparation for creating finished
animals of the types now on exhibit in our museum.
4. The early marble-base apothecary scale used in Ruhl’s Drug Store at 73 South Main St.,
Manheim for many years.  Harry F. Ruhl, Sr. opened his drug store in 1891.